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  MIZUNO Chiyori
   Department   Aoyama Gakuin University  Department of Comparative Arts, College of Literature
   Position   Professor
■ Specialization and related fields
History of European Art, Historical Anthropology of Images 
■ Business career
1. 2015/04~ Aoyama Gakuin University College of Literature Department of Comparative Arts Professor
2. 2021/04~ Director in General
■ Research topic, funded research, and department laboratory expense
1.   Anthropological Study on the transformation of the "Christ of Sunday" and the Memory of Images  (Key Word : )
2.   Historical-Anthropological Study on the Cult Images from Medieval to Renaissance Europe  (Key Word : )
3.   Study on the miraculous legends of the cultic Madonna images in Tuscany  (Key Word : )
4.   Study on the Ritual of Cultic Images from Medieval to Renaissance Italy  (Key Word : )
■ Book and thesis
1. Article "Hierotopy" and "Topomimesis" in the Christian Visual Culture: Devotion to the Tuscan Madonna Images Paragone pp.17-41 (Single) 2015/03